HI Ladies!

It' pretty much no fun to shop in Seattle if you can't always afford Barney's, Butch Bloom, Baby & Co., Totokaelo, etc. You feel burnt out from bargain barns and vintage malls and feeling the depression hit from cheap fabric and labor stores like H&M and Zara.

I've been there.

Enter the in-between. The sweet spot: driftwood.

driftwood's diverse selection is a treasure trove of your favorite brands and styles.  It's a beautifully curated boutique in the heart of the tree lined and quiet Madrona neighborhood. The best thing is that there are always so many pieces to get excited about at driftwood, because the women who buy and sell at dwood are some of the most stylish and creative women in Seattle.

Come stroll the neighborhood with a cup of coffee, eat some delicious food at one of the many yummy restos, and find the perfect place to shop!

xo- happy to bring your desires to fruit.





1135 34th Ave 

Seattle, WA


(206) 941-6828  



11 AM - 6 PM


11 AM - 5 PM